Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences

Political Science and Public Administration

Why Political Science and Public Administration at ISU?

- The department has a total of 30 students, with 3 students receiving full scholarships and 27 students receiving a 50% discount.

- The academic staff of the department consists of experts in their respective fields who have been educated by the best professors in their fields. Through national and international connections of the department, students have the opportunity to establish direct connections with prominent academic and professional individuals.

- The language of instruction in the department is Turkish, and there is no preparatory education. However, an English education program equivalent to a preparatory program and professional/academic English courses have been integrated into the four-year undergraduate program and they are compulsory. As a result, students in Department of Political Science and Public Administration at Istinye University will be able to graduate in four years with academic-level proficiency in English, without having to attend a preparatory class.

- The curriculum of our department has been prepared taking into consideration the needs of both public and private sectors in our country, and it fulfills all the requirements of a high-quality Political Science and Public Administration undergraduate education.

- While internships are not mandatory within the curriculum of the department, successful and motivated students are provided with opportunities to engage in internships and gain experience in both public and private sectors under the guidance of department professors.

- Considering the academic and personal backgrounds of the faculty members in the department, they are well-equipped to provide students with a solid education on the administrative functioning of the country and public organizations. Their expertise and experience enable them to offer valuable insights and knowledge in this field.

- With the diversity of elective courses in our department, students can gain expertise in other disciplines as well. Through collaborations with other departments in our faculty, students have the opportunity to receive education in multiple disciplines. This allows for a well-rounded education and the exploration of various fields of interest.

- Through student exchange programs and bilateral agreements with universities abroad, we provide our students with the opportunity to receive education in various countries. This allows our students to gain educational experiences at both national and international levels, broadening their horizons and enhancing their global perspective.

- Department of Political Science and Public Administration encourages students to conduct quantitative or qualitative research according to their preferences through the Graduation Thesis included in the course program. For the successful theses, the university supports students in publishing their work. This allows our students to develop their abilities in conducting research, writing a thesis, and publishing in academic and professional settings, preparing them for academic and professional endeavors.

- Thanks to graduate programs within our university, our students will be able to continue their development in the field of scientific research and specialization.