Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences

Political Science and Public Administration

Why Political Science and Public Administration at ISU?

  • Our departmental quota has been determined as 30 students: 3 students with full scholarships and 27 with 50% discounts.
  • The academic staff of the department have been trained by the best instructors in their fields. Thanks to the national and international connections of our department, students have the opportunity to establish one-to-one contact with leading academics and professionals.
  • The educational language of the department is Turkish. There is no preparatory training. However, an equivalent of the preparatory education program, an English education program and vocational/‌academic English courses are placed in a four-year undergraduate program; these are compulsory. Therefore, our students will be able to graduate from Istinye University Department of Political Science and Public Administration with academic English in four years, without studying a preparatory class.
  • Our department’s curriculum has been prepared according to the needs of our country in the public and private sectors; it meets all the requirements of a qualified Political Science and Public Administration undergraduate education.
  • Although internship is not compulsory within the scope of the departmental curriculum, it gives our successful and motivated students the opportunity to practice and gain internships in the public and private sectors, in line with the directives of our department’s teachers.
  • Through the academic and personal backgrounds of our faculty members, they will be able to offer our students a good education in the administrative functioning of the country and its public organizations.
  • Thanks to the variety of elective courses in our departmental program, students will be able to specialize in other disciplines. Through collaborations with other departments in our faculty, it is possible for our students to receive education in more than one discipline.
  • With our student exchange programs and bilateral agreements with universities abroad, our students will be able to receive education at both the national and international levels through having the chance to study in various countries.
  • Students are encouraged to do quantitative or qualitative research in line with their own preferences, thanks to the Graduation Thesis included in the curriculum of Istinye University Political Science and Public Administration. We support successful Istinye University students to get their theses published. In this way, our students will gain the ability to do research, write a thesis and publish in academic and professional life.
  • Thanks to our graduate programs at our university, our students will be able to continue their development in the fields of scientific research and specialized education.