Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences

Political Science and Public Administration

About the Department

Department of Political Science and Public Administration examines political, social, economic, and administrative changes occurring at local and international levels. It also concentrates on understanding structuring of public organizations, formulation of public policies, democracy, citizenship, justice, urbanization, environment, human rights and freedoms, as well as policies developed at the international level. Political Science and Public Administration program at Istinye University is carefully designed to provide students with academic and professional knowledge, as well as develop their analytical perspective.

With professional seminar courses which determine interest areas of students, the aim is to provide them with internship opportunities in public institutions and organizations, reputable NGOs, and various companies, allowing them to have a productive university experience. One of the main objectives of the department is to train managers with the skills and qualifications demanded by both the public and private sectors.

In this context, the courses included in the curriculum provide both an understanding of the functioning of public institutions and the knowledge demanded in the private sector. Additionally, students are offered the opportunity to choose elective courses in various fields outside the department's core courses, and programs are created in line with interests of students who are interested in areas beyond their major. The inclusion of foreign language courses throughout the education period is a positive step towards ensuring that students graduate with enhanced skills. The aim is to provide students with an effective university experience.


Characteristics of Istinye University Political Science and Public Administration Graduate:

- Ability to evaluate and solve complex problems that have social and technical aspects.

- Strategic use of technology in solving human problems.

- Effective time and resource management.

- Proficiency in a foreign language.

- Ability to establish communication in line with the new understanding of Public Administration in the modern world.

- Meeting the needs of both public and private sectors.


Job Opportunities for Graduates

Department of Political Science and Public Administration has an interdisciplinary connection with other social sciences. Therefore, it is able to provide an education to meet the needs of both public institutions in a changing world and able to find a place in relevant fields within the growing private sector in our country and globally. In this context, students in Department of Political Science and Public Administration can engage in various programs and internship practices to be involved in sectors they are interested in.