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With the advent of the 2008 global financial crisis, growing financial fragilities among the emerging and developing economies, concerns about climate change, growing income and wealth inequalities, poses new challenges to the existing economic paradigm. There is a growing consensus among leading world economists about the need for new insight into how economy really works. The undergraduate program at Istinye University is designed to help students not only fully grasping the mainstream economic modelling but also understand its limitations and get versed to the new developing economic thinking.Students will be better equipped to answer challenging questions such as: What should be the role of public sector in a market based economy? Do we need more regulations to avoid financial crisis? Why are some countries rich and others poor? How an open economy, such as Turkey, makes choices between different exchange rate regimes? What is the right $-TL exchange rate? How sustainable economic growth can be achieved? What can we learn from the industrial policies of China and other Asian economies? If so, the New Undergraduate Economics at Istinye University is your programme of choice.