Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences


With scientific, academic and practical achievements, Istinye University Faculty of Economics Administrative and Social Sciences adopted to have departments preferred in national and international arenas as a principle.

As well as vocational training, we provide our students with the opportunity to have skills people who make differences should have:

  • Leadership spirit - knowing how to manage and coordinate
  • Working with a team spirit- high level of communication and cooperation skills
  • Competitive – problem solver
  • Strategic and rational thinking - making the right decision
  • Treasuring information – being creative and entrepreneur
  • Living in accordance with global ethics and values – human-oriented
  • Hardworking - being flexible
  • Public accountability - having a high emotional intelligence

We have a competent academic staff including academicians who graduated from the best universities, has sector experience and keeps up-to-date. Furthermore, they can understand students and support them. 

Our English departments include one year of preparation and four year of department courses. Our Turkish departments have four years of education. Students can, if they demand, study one year of preparation and enhance their English knowledge.


In our faculty, there are 10 departments:

  • Economics (English Medium)
  • Management (English Medium)
  • International Trade and Management (English Medium)
  • Management Information Systems (English Medium)
  • Healthcare Management (Turkish Medium)
  • Political Science and Public Administration (Turkish Medium)
  • International Relations (English Medium)
  • Public Relations and Advertising (Turkish Medium)
  • Radio, Television and Cinema (English Medium)
  • New Media (English Medium)

Our mission is developing innovative, competitive, enterprising and practice-oriented programs and making multidimensional contributions to Turkey’s development by combining these programs with technology-based education to reach the international standards.

With this aim, our faculty trains its students in a way that will enable them to constantly follow current developments in our country and in the world as individuals, who are supported with advanced technology and equipped with knowledge and skills on global standards besides strong social skills.