Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences

Political Science and Public Administration

Message from the Head of Department

The Department of Political Science and Public Administration investigates political, social, economic and administrative changes on both the local and international levels, while helping students to understand the structure of public organizations, the formulation of public policies, democracy, citizenship, justice, urbanization, environment, human rights and international affairs.

The Political Science and Public Administration curriculum at Istinye University has been designed with great care to help students gain an analytical perspective along with academic and professional expertise.

The department places high importance on providing students with the opportunity to complete internships in public institutions and organizations, prestigious NGOs and various other companies after they discover their professional interests through professional seminar courses.

The department also aims to provide students with double major and minor opportunities and social and professional field trips, while improving their language proficiency with optional foreign-language courses. Students in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration are also expected to be investigators, explorers and intense readers, who are well-versed in statistics and have good communication skills.

Business areas and job opportunities for students in Political Science and Public Administration are quite broad. They can work in premierships, ministries, public institutions and organizations, local governments and administrative jurisdictions. In the private sector, they may get jobs in various areas such as management in a company or firm, expertise and inspectorship in banks, foreign trade expertise, finance, sales and marketing, production management and organization, education, or printed and visual media. Furthermore, academic staff in the department continue to keep in touch with their students and help them choose a job after graduation. The medium of instruction at the Department of Political Science and Public Administration is Turkish.