Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences

Management Information Systems

About the Department

Prof. Mehmet Fatih Taşgetiren

Among the most basic needs in which informatics has become a part of every field, there is a need for individuals who have the perspective of evaluating a person’s social entity within the business phenomenon, and have the standpoint to view the business not only as an organization but also as a fact that includes the dynamics of information. Istinye University Department of Management Information Systems aims to educate individuals who find solutions to the problems of society by using business strategies and tools based on business functions.

    The main question about Management Information Systems is whether it is a software or business-oriented department. However, when the similar departments are examined in the world, it is seen that the focus is on educating individuals who are equipped to use technology to improve human life. This requires software and business to be taught in perfect balance and harmony. In this respect, Management Information Systems provides students with an up-to-date, and rich content program. Below there is an overview of the Management Information Systems Departments of reputable universities abroad:


     Management Information Systems

    Computer / Software Engineering

    Focus Point




    Able to construct a more efficient and effective business environment

    Reliable (error-free) computer program development

    Basic Skills

    Problem solving

    Logic / Method

    Basic Task

    Constructing correct and effective information systems that meet the needs of the business

    Realizing information systems that meet needs

    Theoretical and practical knowledge




    Job Title

    Analyst / Designer


    Career Goal

    Business analyst

    System Analyst

    Data Analyst

    Software developer

    Data Analyst


    Characteristics of İstinye MIS Graduate:

    • Able to solve complex problems with social and technical aspects
    • Use technology strategically to solve human problems
    • Able to recognize the general picture and the details / patterns in the general picture
    • Manage time and resources well
    • Ability to analyze events / problems with the understanding of system design and analysis
    • Provide the necessary communication between technology and business world
    • Ability to effectively and efficiently manage the process from data to information, from information to information


    Job Opportunities for Graduates

    Management Information Systems department has an integrated working area. This integrated area has a dynamic structure that requires addressing both technology and business. In this context, some of the job opportunities for our graduates include, but are not limited to listed titles below:

    • Business Analyst
    • Business Application Developer
    • IT Consultant
    • Systems Analyst
    • IT Development Project Leader
    • Database Administrator
    • Business Intelligence Analyst
    • Systems Developer
    • Database Analyst
    • Web Developer
    • Information Systems Manager
    • Human Computer Interaction Specialist
    • Data Analyst
    • Data Visualization Specialist