Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences

Healthcare Management

Why Healthcare Management at ISU?

Competent Academic Staff
ISU Healthcare Management Department is successful not only nationally but also internationally in both the academic and scientific fields, thanks to our competent academic staff who are experienced in the sector. We educate our students to be socially advanced individuals who are equipped with knowledge and skills at global standards.

Internship and Application Opportunities
Students can get the theoretical and occupational support of hospital managers from the MLPCare Group, which has the largest set of brand chain hospitals in the country.From the beginning of their university life, students have practice and internship opportunities in the Medical Park Hospitals.

“Let Your Mentor Be a CEO” Program
As part of the mentorship system, experienced, successful and well-known senior managers specialized in their field ensure the adaptation of our students to business areas and the early establishment of business networks.

Artificial Intelligence Studies
By encouraging their participation in significant projects of our university in the field of artificial intelligence in terms of health, our students are supported to produce projects and receive training in digitalization and artificial intelligence.

TTO and the Incubation Center
All kinds of support are provided, such as academic, technical, administrative and legal consultancy, along with a physical working environment for any project, idea or initiative you want to develop.

Scientific Work
We support our students to actively take part in scientific research in order to have the competence to develop and propose effective, efficient and innovative solutions to the problems of the healthcare sector.

Multidisciplinary Curriculum
While specializing in the field, students also have the opportunity to train themselves in different fields by taking courses from other faculties in various disciplines such as industrial engineering, psychology and software, in addition to ten departments, from economics to new media, within the faculty.

International Education and Experience Sharing
Within the framework of Erasmus agreements and international week activities, we provide our students with the opportunity to do internships and training abroad, and to follow the current international academic agenda related to their professions.

Club Activities
Students can become members of the Health Management Student Club and the other social and scientific clubs at the university. Club activities can improve students’ scientific and social skills; they are also considered as part of the Manifest of İstinye course in the curriculum.