Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences


Why Economics at ISU?

The increase in financial fragility seen in the period following the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, along with concerns about income inequality, have produced new criticisms of the current economic paradigm. A consensus has emerged among the world’s leading economists that a new perspective is needed to explain the mechanisms of the current economic system. Istinye University Economics Department, through providing you with both a thorough understanding of general economic modeling and a knowledge of newly emerging economic approaches, will make you more equipped to answer challenging questions such as:

  • What are the alternatives to the existing economic system?
  • How will examples of the sharing economy such as Blablacar or Coachsurfing affect the current economic system?
  • How will Blockchain technology change the financial system and shape the global economy?
  • Will artificial intelligence be able to generate an alternative economic system through fighting effectively against fundamental problems such as crises and income inequality?
  • What can we learn from the industrial and growth policies of Far Eastern economies such as China and South Korea?
  • How can sustainable economic growth be achieved? What might be the strategies to improve sustainability through artificial intelligence transformation?

In addition, you will prepare for business life via being mentored by executives prominent in the field in the “Your Mentor is a CEO” program, benefiting from their knowledge and experience and shaping your career through this awareness. You will stay one step ahead in international competition thanks to our rich repository of elective language courses and various opportunities that we offer for learning high-level English.

Thanks to the education focused on current information technologies and alternative economic systems at Istinye University Economics Department, you will become the future of economics!