Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences

International Relations

Why International Relations at ISU?

  • The International Relations Department of İstinye University is staffed by expert scholars in their fields. Thanks to their extensive national and international connections, the Department of International Relations supports and encourages students to establish contacts with other distinguished scholars and professionals.
  • The educational language of the department is English. After completing a one-year English prep course, students will be able to use English at an academic level and during their undergraduate studies. It is compulsory for them to learn a second foreign language; this will make a difference in their professional lives. The curriculum has been prepared to cultivate professionals in the public and private sectors.
  • Thanks to the variety of departmental courses and wide range of university electives in the curriculum, students are provided with the opportunity to specialize in fields of their choice. Aspirant and eligible students are encouraged to study in different departments through minor or double major programs. Additionally, through Erasmus and exchange programs, students can study abroad.
  • Although internship is not compulsory within the International Relations curriculum, successful and enthusiastic students are given the chance for self-improvement via internships in both the public and private sectors, with the advice and support of the department.
  • In their senior year, students are required to write a graduation thesis. This process gives students the ability to conduct academic research and makes them more acquainted with the literature. The thesis facilitates students’ advancement in the academic field and helps them to be accepted to graduate programs.
  • Alumni will have a wide range of employment opportunities in different sectors. They can apply to multiple posts in state institutions, especially the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They can also be employed as experts and consultants in international organizations, the media, financial institutions, multinational enterprises and non-governmental organizations.