Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences





About The Faculty

Istinye University Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences aims to train executives who can comprehend global change, analyze information and data, and make a difference through innovative approaches at the national and the international levels; leaders who can take active roles in the fields of economics, politics and international relations; and communication and media experts who can produce creatively and effectively in accordance with present needs.

The faculty will admit students in the departments of Economics (English); Business Administration (English); International Business Management (English); Management Information Systems (English), Healthcare Management (Turkish); Political Science and Public Administration (Turkish); International Relations (English); Public Relations and Advertising (Turkish); Radio, Television and Cinema (English); New Media (English).

Dean's Message

Our faculty aims to train the students in our departments to become graduates who are open to questioning, researching, free and creative thinking and innovative approaches, and who are able to think analytically and generate solutions for social problems and the environment they live in. By designing our education program in cooperation with the sector, our faculty offers students the opportunity to take courses led by competent staff who stand out both in the sector and in academia.

Focusing on programming, simulation and digital technology, Istinye University provides start-up and entrepreneurship culture to its students through the Incubation Center and the Technopark and Entrepreneurship Center at the Technology Transfer Office.

In addition to an innovative education supported by advanced technology, we have adopted the principle of providing our students with a quality learning environment that prioritizes humane values, the ability to evaluate all kinds of thought with respect and tolerance, and the values of participation and justice; and that aims to create added value for all stakeholders.

Education at Global Standards
Our faculty has espoused the aim of being recognized and preferred at not only the national level but the international level, in both the academic and the scientific fields, for its quality in education and training and strong academic staff. In this direction, students are educated to develop and implement appropriate strategies by constantly monitoring national and global developments, and to be socially developed individuals equipped with knowledge and skills at global standards.

Interdisciplinary Approach

In designing the curriculums of all departments, we have ensured that each department interacts with other disciplines, as well as going more deeply into their fields of expertise. In addition to the theoretical knowledge needed to understand the essence of the issues involved, we have prioritized the incorporation of business practices into education wherever possible, sensitivity to the environment and diversity, commitment to local and universal values, and the ability to think analytically and questioningly to analyze and process information. We aim to educate economists, managers, executives, diplomats, politicians, communication professionals and entrepreneurs who are innovative, creative, competitive, aware of what is happening in their environment and around the world, and respectful of humanity and nature.