Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences

Management Information Systems

Why Management Information Systems at ISU?

With the sudden arrival of the new industrial revolution/digitalization journey, the world, when discussing the information society, has begun to question the place of human beings and the professions they should have. In this questioning process, the phenomenon of artificial intelligence adds an undeniable dominance and power to the production of new technology. İstinye Management Information Systems Department has planned its syllabus in the light of these latest developments while evaluating the concept of informatics.

Course contents were updated on the basis of the worldwide need for data analysts and data scientists. For example, the Database course is offered as a five-hour course with two hours of theory and three hours of practice. Within the scope of the course, the practical training includes database management systems suitable for structural data storage, as well as non-structural data (big data) systems. Similarly, in many MIS departments, the Data Mining 1 and Data Science 2 courses have been replaced by a more comprehensive course covering both semesters. The graduate-level courses, such as Big Data, Human-Computer Interaction, Social Media and Web Analytics, and Introduction to Deep Learning, are offered as departmental elective courses in the light of world developments.

In a period when artificial intelligence studies are becoming increasingly dominant and each department is under their influence, change is inevitable in a strategic department like Management Information Systems. MIS graduates, who act as a bridge between humans and informatics and use informatics to solve human problems, have to recognize and understand artificial intelligence. In this direction, students of İstinye Management Information Systems Department will find their place in a world which is discussing AI-supported decision-making processes, human resources and supplier chains.