Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences

Business Administration

Why Business Administration at ISU?

Academic Staff

Having competent academic staff who graduated from the best universities in their fields, who have sector experience, who can understand and support the student, and who produce science and always keep themselves up to date.

7 + 1 Education Model

Enabling you to be at least a few steps ahead of your potential competitors by leading you to one of the two great alternatives (a real multidisciplinary project or a real working life) in the eighth and final semester, instead of merely attending regular courses.

Internship and Job Opportunities

Providing you, from the beginning of your university life and without waiting for the last semester, with the opportunity to gain experience by interning/working at Istinye University (Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, TTO and/or Incubation Center Projects, Corporate Departments), at the partner health institutions, or in other companies, according to your interests and wishes.

“CEO Mentorship Program” and Advisory Board

Enabling you, even while you are in the prep class, to start regular face-to-face meetings with experienced, successful and well-known mentors (usually senior executives) who are highly specialized in their fields.

Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Giving you an opportunity to work with a professional team on a new project you may propose, or on other projects such as “Bionic Vision”, “Automatic NMR Visual Interpretation System”, “Cloud-Based Disease and Treatment Inquiry Systems”, “Financial Robo-Advisor”, or “From the First Job Application to Retirement – Career Counseling”.

Technology Transfer Office (TTO) and Incubation Center

Providing you with access to all kinds of support, especially academical/technical/administrative/legal consultancy and a physical working environment, to make your ideas real.

Wide Course Spectrum

Letting you choose from a wide range of courses in fields such as marketing, management, finance, accounting, human resources, optimization, information technologies and programming languages, law, sociology, psychology, philosophy and art.

International Experience

Having exchange agreements with various universities from all over the world (Erasmus+ program), making it certain that you can use at least one or two foreign languages effectively in your professional work life.

These are some of the answers to the question “Why Istinye Business Administration Department?” But perhaps the more important questions are those you should ask yourself:


Do I want to make a scientific publication before I graduate?


Do I want to own a company before I graduate?


Do I want to work in a corporate firm before I graduate?


Do I want to do all these things, while I’m still a student?