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Fahri Erenel

Fahri Erenel,  Assoc. Prof.

Öğretim Üyesi, EPAM Müdürü

He successfully completed the department of economics in 1980 and graduated from the Military Academy as an Infantry Officer, and the Military Academy as a Staff Officer in 1991. He completed the Armed Forces Academy in 1993. He completed his Master's Degree in Educational Management and Supervision at Beykent University, Occupational Health and Safety at Yeni Yüzyıl University in 2017, PhD in Human Resources Management at Istanbul University in 2006, and his undergraduate degree in Sociology at Istanbul University in 2018. He served at various levels of the Turkish Armed Forces between 1980-2010. He was promoted to Brigadier General in 2005. He worked as a practitioner and planner in Combating Terrorism for about 8 years (Şırnak, Hakkari, Ağrı and Tunceli). He worked on the front line in Cyprus for 2 years. He took part in the work on the planning of the security strategy of Azerbaijan and gave Azeri officers training in Azerbaijan. He planned and implemented the trainings of the personnel who received training on border management and received border training during the Brigade Command. He took part in system security and material supply and contract management in border security studies. National Action Plan for the Implementation of Turkey's Integrated Border Management Strategy has been involved in the study. All kinds of supply and important weapons, ammunition, vehicles, etc. of the Armed Forces at the Ministry of National Defense for 3 years. He was the President of the Procurement Department, where the project activities were carried out. He took part in public procurement legislation studies and Planning-Programming and Budgeting processes. He has been trained in the search and rescue activities in AKUT Search and Rescue Association. He is a class B occupational safety specialist. He has many studies in the field of Occupational Health and Safety. In 2017, he became an Associate Professor in Management and Strategy. He has been teaching Defense Planning, Management and Security and Strategy for 10 years at the National Defense University's Institute of Strategic Research. He worked as a founder, manager, faculty member and a member of various commissions in different academic units at Istanbul Altınbaş University between 2011-2017. In addition to his duty as the Director of the Institute of Social Sciences, he also serves as the Director of the Center for Economics and Political Studies. He lectured. 21 He was the advisor of the master's thesis. He has many national and international articles and papers. He has books and chapters titled “War of Mind”, Presidential Government System, Current Overview of Disaster and Emergency Management, written on Measurement and Evaluation, Analysis of Open-ended Questions and Answers, and Counter-Terrorism. He regularly writes monthly articles in Defense Magazine and OHS Gündem journals, and regularly participates in the Mind Room program on TVNET for analysis on foreign policy and security issues. He is a referee in various academic journals. Turkish Armed Forces Military Sciences Research Center Honorary Member. Turkish Asian Strategic Research Center (TASAM) Vice President, Technical and High Level Occupational Safety Educators Association (TÜMGED) Vice President, National Occupational Health and Safety Federation Vice President, Occupational Safety Professionals Association, Smart Cities Innovation Association, AKUT Search and Rescue Foundation, Istinye University Security Research Center continues its membership. He is a member of the Association of People Management (PERYÖN) and a member of the Central Strategy Institute Advisory Board. AKUT Sports Club is a licensed athletes.He has participated in and continues to participate in many ultra marathons and marathons. He speaks German and English.

Research Areas: International Relations and Defense Policies, International Terrorism, Leadership, Disaster Managment, Occupational Health and Safety, Educational Management and Supervision