Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences

World Economic Outlook and Financial Markets

Prof. Aslanoğlu, the Vice Rector of Piri Reis University, discussed the current outlook of the global economy and the trade wars in his seminar ‘World Economic Outlook and Financial Markets’ organized within the body of Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences by the Departments of Economics, Business Administration, and International Trade and Finance.

Prof. Aslanoğlu mentioned that banks are the backbones of the existing financial system and he emphasized the high significance of economic growth and inflation for the stability of the financial system. Prof. Aslanoğlu further highlighted the importance of interpreting global economic growth in the light of the existing trade wars and he claimed that all parties will eventually lose in the long term as an aftermath of the trade wars even though one of the parties may seem to win in the short term. Prof. Aslanoğlu concluded his seminar by stating that demographic changes and technological transformations will shape the future economy.