Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences

Television as a Public Relations and Advertising Media – ISU Student Talks 2

Bora BALAR, who answered the questions of the students through their professional experience, gave information about the methods that determine the rating on television and their correct use. Bora BALAR stated that the content and technique should be compatible with the target group which is tried to be reached. An important policy under the news of a subtle sound would not be appropriate ın ın with the words of the mass media through the media to determine the success of the public drew attention to the success. Giving detailed information about the news concept and the points that determine the value of news, Bora BALAR advised the students to be honest during their professional life, to remember that they represent the institution they work in and to use a correct Turkish.

Noting the importance of mastering the history of recent media, Bora Balar said that students should learn much about social and new media. Bora BALAR said that the developments in technology transformed the media and said, in 1996, the internet has come up with incredible and insightful dimensions. For example, everything can be handled by mobile phone at any moment. ’