Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences

New Publication from the Politics Group

The book “Göç ve Etkileri: Güvenlik, Toplum, Kadın, Çocuk, Ekonomi, Dış Politika” is published by Pegem Akademi, within the framework of the project İGSDB 2020/1 supported by Turkish Ministry of Internal Affairs. The fourth part of the book, which focuses on the theme “Foreign Policy,” is edited by the Head of Political Science and Public Administration Department, Prof. Levent ÜRER.

To the same part, our faculty staff, Prof. Levent ÜRER, Assoc. Prof. Osman Can ÜNVER, Dr. Efe Can GÜRCAN, Dr. Suat Eren ÖZYİĞİT, Res. Ass. Can DONDURAN, Res. Ass. Ahmet GEDİK, and Res. Ass. Ceren Ece GÖCEN contributed with various chapters investigating the international migration-foreign policy nexus from different perspectives.