Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences

The July 15th Democracy and National Unity Day Commemoration Ceremony

The International Relations Department organized the July 15th Democracy and National Unity Day Commemoration Ceremony. Prof. Mesut Hakkı CAŞIN, Assoc. Dr. Fahri ERENEL, the Director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research (EPAM), and Safiye BAŞPINAR BAYAT, the July 15th veteran,  made speeches.

The Head of the Department Prof. Mesut Hakkı CAŞIN described the July 15th as a 'painful experience' for Turkey and said that “this is a dramatic setback for Turkey's democracy. In particular, the consequences of this intervention toward the functioning of democracy will take some time to repair. If such an attempt had taken place in a country other than Turkey, it would be impossible for it to avoid civil war. With the reshaping of the Middle East throughout the Arab Spring process, it has become undisputedly obvious that Turkey has turned out to be the only country that can resist the imperial plans of the global actors. This secular and democratic state founded by Atatürk had unfortunately been subject to organized complices of FETÖ developed within the society and the statecraft for forty years."

Prof. Mesut Hakkı CAŞIN argued that the July 15th coup attempt was different from all the coups in the past and also gave information about the details of the coup attempt.

Assoc. Dr. Fahri ERENEL, the Director of EPAM, stated that necessary measures were taken immediately as a reflex of the state after the July 15th. He added that “When we evaluated to FETÖ operations, realize that it is not superficial as we thought. The problem of FETÖ is much deeper, and we see that even primary and secondary school children' brains are handled.”

Assoc. Dr. Fahri ERENEL underlined that mentioned top-secret, treacherous and all branches of the state, such as the arms of an octopus has surrounded a terrorist organization. He also stressed that all of the ongoing trials are related to the attempt by members of the FETÖ terrorist organization to change the constitutional order.