Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences

The event "Dijital Dünyada Pazarlamanın Yeri-I" was held

In the event titled "Dijital Dünyada Pazarlamanın Yeri-I" organized by the Department of Business Administration, Strong Bosses Advisory Board Chairman Dr. Arzu Aydın participated.

After the event, Head of Business Administration Prof. Dr. Mine Afacan Fındıklı made a statement as "The digital economy is demand-based, not supply-based. The strength of suppliers varies by platform. The customer is now the most important variable in the business ecosystem. The "wisdom of the crowd" is highly influential on purchasing decisions. The leverage effect of "Customer chats" in both online platforms and traditional communication channels is expanding with the power of social networks. Today, all these titles and other related topics were covered and discussed with Dr. Arzu Aydın at the Conference Hall of Istinye University Vadi Campus within the scope of Business Administration Seminars. We would like to thank our esteemed students and faculty members for their participation."