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Dr. Gülhan Kalmuk Speaks at the Medical Supply Congress

Gülhan Kalmuk, Dr. Head of Health Management Department, participated as a guest speaker at the Medical Supply Congress held in Antalya on February 12-14 with his speech on alar Policies to Reduce the Impact of Foreign Exchange Crises on Medical Supply Management ’.
Dr. Gülhan Kalmuk, who spoke at the ”Medical Supply Management in Crisis Environments park session moderated by Medicalpark Supply Chain Management Director Mustafa Işık, emphasized the importance of localization in medical supply, both to support domestic investors in the country and to reduce the impact of foreign exchange crises in medical supply management. -how to provide medical devices and equipment to produce international companies, domestic employees and facilities using local production staff should be encouraged to emphasize.
In order to discuss the problems in medical supply management and to share the successful practices, the congress brought together the stakeholders of the health sector, supply chain efficiency, financial sustainability and the development of the export capacity of the Turkish medical industry.
You can reach the presentation Dr. Gülhan Kalmuk from the following file: