Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences

Academıcs Of Health Management Department Attended Hospıtal And Health Admınıstratıon Congress

One of the academicians of Istinye University, Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences, Department of Health Management, Dr. Gülhan Kalmuk, Dr. Yasemin Aslan and Asst. Döne Tütüncü participated in the 4th International and 14th National Health and Hospital Administration Congress organized by Health Sciences University.

The study titled "Evaluation of Academics' Perceptions of Distance Education System in the Covid-19 Pandemic Process" jointly conducted Dr. Gülhan Kalmuk, Lecturer Dilek Kolca and Asst. Döne Tütüncü and The study titled “Assessment of Attitudes towards Technology in Healthcare Professionals” conducted by Dr. Gülhan Kalmuk, Asst. Döne Tütüncü, Mlpcare Pricing Director Ali Yıldız, presented by Dr.Gülhan Kalmuk.

The study titled "Evaluation of Incident Notifications According to the World Health Organization's International Classification of Patient Safety: A University Hospital Example" conducted by Dr. Yasemin Aslan and Prof. Dr. Mehveş Tarım was conducted by Dr. Yasemin Aslan.

We would like to thank the host Health Sciences University for a very enjoyable and productive congress.