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Tayfun Utas, who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1998 and a master degree in MBA Turkish program at Istanbul University in 1994 and then he completed his master degree in Social Science Institute Faculty of Management Department of Production Management in Istanbul University with the dissertation of ‘’ "Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) in Lean Manufacturing and an Application" and with the dissertation of ‘’ 'Within the Scope of Hybrid Business Features Theory of Business Motivation of Blue-collars' he graduated from department of Business doctorate programme in 2016. Tayfun Utas has implemented projects on Toyota Production and Lean Manufacturing systems throughout his business life. He conducted a series of activities and has performed the leadership and application of many projects about Production Compund Systems. About Total Productive Management( TPM), he takes possession of the certificate "JIPM Instructor" certificate issued by JIPM Japan Enstitute Plant Maintenance organization. After these studies, he gained the reward ‘’World TPM’’. He trained Lean Sigma applications in Chamber of Mechanical Engineering, Istanbul Chamber of Industry and various companies and he lectured about TPM and Lean Sigma. With Istanbul Chamber of Industry, he wrote manuals with co-workers about TPM and 5S for SMEs. Tayfun Utas who has a Six Sigma Black Belt certificate, as of 2012, has directed many projects. Tayfun Utas who started his business life in 1988 as a chief of production in a private Corporation, he worked as a manager in different units of private corporations between 1991-2017. Tayfun Utas works as an Operations Director in an international private company.

Research Areas: Lean Manufacturing, Motivation Theories, Compound Systems, Just in Time, Automatization Systems, Productivity, Maintenance, Energy Systems, 6 Sigma, Statistical Proces Control