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Kadri Özgüneş

Kadri Özgüneş,  Faculty Member, PhD

Faculty Member

Kadri Özgüneş completed his undergraduate education at the Department of Management Engineering at Istanbul Technical University in 1993. He completed his master's degree in Economics from the Department of Economics at Boğaziçi University and his finance doctorate from the Department of Business Administration. Kadri Özgüneş, started his business life at the Corporate Finance department of İş Investment Securities. He later played a key role in the establishment of İş Private Equity and took part in the company's first investments, and became a member of the boards of directors of the invested companies. Later, Dr. Özgüneş worked at the international expansions department at Turkcell and provided consultancy services to domestic and international strategic and financial investors at Daruma Corporate Finance. Joining Sabancı Holding after Daruma, Dr. Özgüneş took part in the evaluation of the financial performances, inorganic growth, and sales processes of the companies within the group. During this period, he has successfully carried out many acquisition, partnership and sales processes.

Research Areas: Business Development and Finance, Strategic Planning and Management, Negotiation Strategies

Main Areas: Organizasyon, 

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