Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences

Siyasi Araştırmalar Student Club was in Van within the scope of a Social Responsibility Project

The Siyasi Araştırmalar Student Club, which is advised by Res. Asst. Ceren Ece Göcen, was in Van/Gürpınar as part of the "Minik Kalpler Genç Gönüllüler 2" social responsibility project on May 9-10-11, 2022.

Within the scope of the project, which was jointly supported by the Gökkuşağı Çocuk Gelişmi Student Club, activities were organized with students at primary schools in Van / Gurpinar and gifts were delivered.

At the same time, the Provincial Director of National Education Hasan Tevke, the District Governor of Gürpınar Fatih Kayabaşı, the Mayor Hayrullah Tanış and the District Director of National Education Sami Salihoğlu were visited.