Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences

Nursıng Week Event

OHSAD Institute Nursing Management Committee, which was established with the support of the Private Hospitals Association (OHSAD) with the aim of developing the nursing profession, organized an event for the 12-18 May Nursing Week, where I was the moderator of the OHSAD Institute Nursing Management Committee. OHSAD Board Chairman Dr. Reşat Bahat and Institute Advisory Board Chairman Dr. Ömer Güzel supported the meeting with their speeches. It has been a highly attended and productive meeting, which is the most important problem of today, where critical issues related to COVİT-19 vaccine applications and patient care are shared with industry experiences and concluded with the exercises of Hülya Özgür Yorga, who is an expert in Breathing Therapy as a social event. First of all, I would like to thank OHSAD Management for their support to the Nursing profession, which has a very important place in health services, for the support they give to the OHSAD Institute Nursing Committee for the development of the nursing profession, and to my nurse friends who struggle to do their profession in the best way by putting forward their lives in a very valuable field. Happy Nursing Week.