Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences

Health Management Student Social Responsibility Projects

Social Responsibility Projects carried out by Health Management students were completed in May.
Our students Aleyna Aydan, Erbanur Güneş and Zilan Aydın delivered soup to people who had to live on the streets with the un Let Salt Be in Soup ”project.
Our students Zelal Arslan, Seray Çiçek and Beyza Nur Gülap conducted a survey to measure public awareness about HIV + virus. They prepared the survey results in posters and hung them on the school board and aimed to raise awareness of other students about the HIV virus.
PROJECT NAME: Breast Cancer and Self Breast Examination
One of our students, Sena Çayırlı, Sevcan Canboy and İrem Erkılıç made a presentation titled Mu Breast Cancer and Self Breast Examination amacıyla in order to raise awareness about breast cancer. In their presentations, they informed their friends about the prevalence of breast cancer, risk factors and how to perform breast self-examination.
PROJECT NAME: Zero Waste Project Information Seminar
Our students Enes Akkuş, Alper Sevimli, Talha Pekel and Muhammet Talha Bilgin, in their presentations within the scope of the Zero Waste Project Information Seminar, explained the importance of waste to the economy and the ways in which it can bring to the economy and the habit of storing in accordance with the categories of waste. In addition, information was given about the steps taken by our university within the scope of the Zero Waste Project and the works planned to be performed.
PROJECT NAME: Down Cafe Visit
Our students Bilge Ünal Health Management, İlayda Çakar, Mısra Öykü Alaz and Ceren Erol spent a day with Down Syndrome employees in Down Cafe. They ate, studied their works and chatted with them. Their beautiful day helped them to develop their awareness of Down's syndrome and change their perspectives.