Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I get the university student ID card?

After completing the final registration process, you can get your student ID with a signature from the Student Affairs’ Office (ÖKİD).

2. How can I start using my university e-mail address?

After receiving your student ID, you can start using your e-mail address via https://login.microsoftonline.com/ with your student number and the password sent to your e-mail address during the registration process. If you have not received any message or e-mail, you can contact BST by sending an e-mail to the address “bstdestek@istinye.edu.tr”.

3. How can you perform operations such as course selection and transcript queries?

You can perform operations such as course selection, transcript viewing, and course schedule queries with your student number and password on via https://ois.istinye.edu.tr/auth/login

4. Where can I find my Ois username and password?

Your student e-mail address and password will be sent by the Student Affairs’ Office (ÖKİD) to the e-mail address you provided during registration. If you have not received any message or e-mail on this matter, you can contact us by sending an e-mail to the address “bstdestek@istinye.edu.tr”.

5. I lost my Ois password? How can I retrieve it?

You can request a new password by entering your student number and date of birth by clicking “I forgot my password” on https://ois.istinye.edu.tr/auth/login

6. How can I register for a course?

You can access the student page with your username and password at https://ois.istinye.edu.tr/auth/login. You can choose your compulsory and elective courses by clicking the "course selection" under "course procedures" on the student page. Do not forget to check the course and credit totals while registering for the course.




If you are a freshman, you can only take the courses that are available in your curriculum. You cannot take any course from upper classes. The total number of credits you can get is 30 (as avarage).

If you are a sophomore or higher with a GPA above 2.00, the total credits you can get this semester is 40. If your GPA is over 3.00 and/or you are at the graduation stage, you can take a total of 48 credits with the approval of the Faculty.

Once you have finished choosing your courses, you must submit them for your Advisor's approval. You will be able to see the approval on your page after the advisor approves your course selection. You can also access the curriculum from the same page.

7. What happens if the course registration is not completed by the deadline?

If you do not register for the courses within the periods specified in the academic calendar, you cannot attend the classes, take the exams and benefit from your student rights.

Therefore, you should check important dates at https://www.istinye.edu.tr/en/student-registration/academic-calendar

8. Where can I find the compulsory and elective courses that I need to take during course selection?

You can access the “lesson plan” by clicking on the section at https://iisbf.istinye.edu.tr/en/departments

9. Where can I access online lessons?

You can log in to the Blackboard system used for online classes at “istinye.blackboard.com” via Outlook using your username and password.

10. I am an international student. Which sections should I choose in YÖK compulsory courses?

If you are an international student, you may need to choose a different section in YÖK compulsory courses. You can get help from your academic advisor in this regard.

11. How can I use the Blackboard system?

You can access the Blackboard and Zoom user guides by clicking on the "Institution Page" at the top left of the page after logging into the Blackboard system.


12. Can I access the courses from mobile devices (tablet, phone, etc.)?

You can access the Blackboard and zoom system from devices such as tablets and phones.

13. There are overlaps in my academic program. Who can I contact about this?

You can contact your academic advisor or the head of the department about curriculum-related problems.

14. What are the conditions for taking the upper course?

If your academic grade point average is 3.00 and above, you can take courses up to 48 ECTS in the upper semester. For detailed information, you can review the İstinye University Associate Degree and Undergraduate Education Regulations at https://www.istinye.edu.tr/en/university/regulations-and-directives

15. Where can I find information such as the number of ECTS I need to complete and the criteria for passing the class?

For detailed information, you can review the İstinye University Associate Degree and Undergraduate Education Regulations at https://www.istinye.edu.tr/en/university/regulations-and-directives

You can also get help from your academic advisor in this regard.

16. I get a "no payment confirmation" warning on the course selection screen. Who should I contact?

If you have made your payment and you see this warning, you can inform your academic advisor or send an e-mail to ogrencimuhasebe@istinye.edu.tr

17. What is an academic advisor? How can I find my advisor?

Your academic advisor helps you in education, taking courses and other academic issues. When you enter the student automation system, you can see the information of your academic advisor on the main screens, communicate via automation, and also send an e-mail.

18. Where can I find the academic calendar?

You can access the academic calendar on the university website at https://www.istinye.edu.tr/en/student-registration/academic-calendar

19. How can I reach the faculty secretary?

- The secretary of the faculty is Şeyda Bafra, and her room is room 401 on the 4th floor of Vadi Campus. You can also contact her via the e-mail address "seyda.bafra@istinye.edu.tr".

20. How can I contact the academic staff of the department?

You can reach the academic staff of your department at https://iisbf.istinye.edu.tr/en/akademik-kadro/iibf

21. How can I request a freeze or deregistration?

You can request a registration freeze or deregistration within the specified periods. For detailed information, you can review the İstinye University Associate Degree and Undergraduate Education Regulations at https://www.istinye.edu.tr/en/university/regulations-and-directives

22. I lost my student ID. What should I do?

You can apply to the Student Center (ÖMER) when you lose your ID card or request a renewal. After paying the new ID fee of 50 TL to the Correspondence Unit with a receipt, you can get it approved at the Student Center and receive your new card from the Information Systems and Technologies (BST) Unit.

23. How can I get information about double major and minor?

You can access information about double major and minor at https://www.istinye.edu.tr/en/double-major-and-minor

24. How can I access announcements about my faculty or department?

You can access faculty or department announcements at https://iisbf.istinye.edu.tr/en/announcements

25. Can I be exempted from the courses I have taken at another university before?

You can be exempt from the courses approved by the department after you submit a petition to the faculty secretary regarding the courses you want to be exempted from, along with your transcript and course content. For detailed information, you can review the exemption and adjustment procedures at


26. Is university summer school compulsory? Is there a fee for scholarship students?

Summer school is not compulsory but optional. There is no additional charge for ÖSYM full scholarship students.

27. What should I do if I want to withdraw from a course?

You can apply to withdraw from a course through the OIS system or with a petition, with the approval of the academic advisor and the approval of the department/program/division head within the periods determined in the academic calendar.

28. Does my department have an Erasmus agreement? What are the terms?

You can access information about the Erasmus program at https://erasmus.istinye.edu.tr/en/home-0

29. What are make-up and resit exams?

The make-up exam is an exam given to students who cannot take the midterm or final exam for a valid reason and whose excuse has been accepted by the course instructor. You should make excuse applications to the course instructor for the midterm exams and to the faculty secretary for the finals, with the relevant form and documents proving the excuse.

Resit exam is an exam given after the final exam. If you fail the final exam/make-up exam from the course you have taken, but fail with a letter grade of FF, you can take the resit exam. Students who fail an internship, a project, an courses in the workplace or those who have failed due to absenteeism are not entitled to resit exams. No application is required to take the resit exam.

30. What is a single course exam?

With the decision of the faculty board of directors, at the end of the final exam and/or summer education, a student who has only one unsuccessful course to graduate is given the right to take a single course exam. For the single course exam, you must apply to the secretary of the faculty you are affiliated with, within the period specified in the academic calendar. You cannot take a single course exam for a course you failed because of absenteeism and/or a course you never took before. If you fail a single course exam, you must register for the relevant course in the semester/year in which the course is opened. There is no excuse for a single course exam. A single course exam cannot be held for applied courses and internships.

31. How can I reach the university? Does the school have service facilities?

There are service opportunities from certain points. For service hours, you can check https://www.istinye.edu.tr/en/node/4756

  1. Did you contact the faculty secretary?

You can contact the faculty secretary through the following e-mail adress: seyda.bafra@istinye.edu.tr


  1. Did you submit all the required documents by the Human Resources to the faculty secretary?


Required Documents for 40A Employees (For whom assigned by another university):

  • Photograph

  • Yapı Kredi Bank account number

  • Photocopy of Identification Card

  • KVKK form (KVKK = PDPL: Personal Data Protection Law)


Required Documents for Article 31 Employees (For whom are not employed in a university):

  • Faculty/Vocational School decision
  • Photocopy of Identification Card
  • Certificate of residence (Accessible on E-Government (E-Devlet in Turkish))
  • Conduct sheet (Accessible on E-Government (E-Devlet in Turkish))
  • Diploma (Accessible on E-Government (E-Devlet in Turkish))
  • A document that shows the last title earned
  • Copy of bank salary account passbook (Yapı Kredi Bank)
  • Any document that shows if you are a civil servant, “Bağkur”, SGK(Normal) or SGK(Retired)
  • UZEM consent letter (UZEM: Distance Learning Center) (signed)
  • KVKK form (KVKK = PDPL: Personal Data Protection Law) (signed)
  • CV in YÖK (Higher Education Board) format


  1. Did you get your university entrance card from the faculty secretary?

Office of the faculty secretary: Vadi Campus, 4th floor, room 401.


  1. Do you know that you have to use your university entrance card on turnstiles when you enter or leave the university?

Vadi Campus Adress: Ayazağa, Azerbaycan Street, Number: 4/A, 34396 Sarıyer/İSTANBUL


  1. Is the relevant information regarding your e-mail adress conveyed you by IT office?

You can contact Directorate of Information Systems and Technologies through the following e-mail adress: “bstdestek@istinye.edu.tr


  1. Is your ois user name and password conveyed you by Student Affairs?

You can contact Student Affairs through the following e-mail adress: "etarakci@istinye.edu.tr"

You can enter ois system through the following website: “ois.istinye.edu.tr


  1. Do you know that you can monitor your course schedule on ois system?

You can learn your course schedule or date and time of a specific course on ois system by clicking the “Book” icon on the left pane and filling the necessary informations on the “Course schedule” tab.


  1. Do you know that you can contact planning office in case there is a problem in your course schedule?

You can contact Planning Office through the following e-mail adress: “planlama@istinye.edu.tr


  1. Do you know that you need to have a licenced Zoom account in order to conduct your online courses?

It is required you to visit “zoom.us” website and register with your e-mail that has the “istinye.edu.tr” extension. After that, you need to send an e-mail regarding your account registration through the following e-mail adress:


  1. Do you know that evaluation criteria in the ois system must be same as it is in the course syllabus?

For instance, if you have determined allocation of grading as 30% Midterm, 10% Attendance, 60% Final, you have to define it in the ois system as same as you indicated in the course syllabus. You can define as follows:

  • When you enter the ois system, click on the “Bag” icon on the left side
  • When the left pane is open, first click on “Offered Courses” and then “Search”
  • Then, click “Exam Identification” on the right tab. It is enough to click “Save” after you entered evaluation criteria.


  1. Do you know that exams, grades and attendance of students must be entered into the ois system?
  • When you enter the ois system, click on the “Bag” icon on the left side
  • When the left pane is open, first click on “Offered Courses” and then “Search”
  • In the new screen, click “Exam Grade Entrance”. It is enough to click “Save after you entered the grades into the relevant areas.

There are some points which should be paid attention during this process. These are the following:

  • Before entering the grades system will inform you about it is required to determine “Letter Grade Intervals”. Letter grade intervals are determined by the instructor of the courses.
  • Exams must be graded over 100 points, because the system make the calculation proportionally.
  • After you clicked to finalize grading, it is not possible to make any changes. The faculty secretary is need to be informed by a petition in case there is a mistake in the grading.
  • Make-up exams grades are not entered by the instructor. The student who takes the make-up exam must be declared with a petition in which student number and grade exist and the petition must be handed to the faculty secretary.
  • Students who would like to take make-up exam have to apply for the exam to the instructor by indicating their excuse and they will take the exam if the instructor find this appropriate. If the instructor find this appropriate, the instructor will hold the exam for the students by determining the date and time.
  • Students who don’t the final exam must apply to the faculty secretary with a petition.
  • Students who don’t took the final exam and don’t submit a petition for make-up exam cannot take the resit exam. Additionally, students don’t have a right to take the resit exam if they submit a petition and don’t take the exam.
  • The instructor enter the grades of resit exam herself/himself to the ois system.


  1. Did you enter the course syllabus into the ois system?

You can enter the course syllabus into the ois system in accordance with the guide sent you.


  1. Do you know that Blackboard is the system where online courses held on and the documents uploaded related the course?

- You can enter the Blackboard system through the following website: “istinye.blackboard.com

-    You can enter the Blackboard system with the username and password that you use on the ois system.

-  Documents such as syllabus, homeworks, grade documents are required to be uploaded to the Blackboard.


  1. Do you know the education videos about learning the usage of Blackboard system?

You can click the upper left corner under the “Instutition Page” tab and you can watch educational videos about courses, exams, exam identification to the system, taking attendance or similar subjects in order to have further information.


  1. Do you know that you should contact a research assistant of the relevant department in case you will be late to the class or you will not be able to attend the class for a reason?

Department of Management Information Systems:

Research Assistant Merve Gizem Çömlekçi: mcomlekci@istinye.edu.tr

Research Assistant Serdar Demir: serdar.demir@istinye.edu.tr

Research Assistant Kazım Timuçin Utkan: timucin.utkan@istinye.edu.tr


Department of International Relations:

Research Assistant Ceren Ece Göcen: ceren.gocen@istinye.edu.tr

Research Assistant Simge Pelit: simge.pelit@istinye.edu.tr


Department of Healthcare Management:

Research Assistant Döne Tütüncü: done.tutuncu@istinye.edu.tr

Research Assistant Yunus Emre Aydın: yunus.aydin@istinye.edu.tr


Department of Political Science and Public Administration:

Research Assistant Ahmet Gedik: agedik@istinye.edu.tr


Department of Economics:

Research Assistant Talha Durmuş: talha.durmus@istinye.edu.tr


Department of Business Administration:

Research Assistant Ahmet Mert Kurumahmutoğlu: mert.kurumahmutoglu@istinye.edu.tr


Department of International Trade and Business:

Research Assitant Enes Kurt: ekurt@istinye.edu.tr


  1. Do you know that the following documents have to be handed the faculty secretary at the end of the term?
  • Last state of the syllabus (signed)
  • Attendance sheets (If it is indicated in the syllabus)
  • General transcript list (signed)
  • Exam questions and answer keys
  • Evaluation criteria of the homeworks if homework was given
  • Exam transcripts if the exams were holded face to face


In online courses, all documents must be submitted except exam transcripts.