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Pınar Gökçin Özuyar

Pınar Gökçin Özuyar,  Dr.

Faculty Member

Following Üsküdar American Academy, she received her BS degree in Environmental Engineering from Istanbul Technical University in 1992 and MS and PhD degrees from Bogazici University Institute of Environmental Sciences, Istanbul, Turkey. Her PhD thesis was based on the “Thermodynamic Analysis of Treatment Plants for Producing Energy from Solid Waste” which she conducted in Germany with a joint scholarship from ForschungZentrum Jülich and TUBITAK (National Science Foundation of Turkey). Defining herself as a pracademic, she has more than 25 years of experience not only in academia but also in private sector working on environment and sector-specific activities in Turkey and Dubai (UAE). She has extensive expertise specifically in Environmental Auditing according to World Bank Standards which is required for international financing especially during company M&As and greenfield projects. Working over the years in projects involving different stakeholder groups with different priorities, she has the proven capacity for establishing a dialogue between such stakeholder groups. Although coming from a technical background, her academic work focuses on involving sustainable development into the strategies of corporations including higher academic institutions and she teaches and leads funded research on sustainability / sustainable development especially focusing on industrial ecology and regional development. Furthermore, she is an editor and board member of the Springer’s ‘Encyclopedia for Sustainability in Higher Education Institutions' and ' Encyclopedia for Sustainable Development Goals'. Dr. Özuyar is also a member of the academic committee in the 'Journal of Sustainability of Higher Education' and 'International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management'.

Research Areas: Sustainable development, Industrial Ecology, Environmental Impact Assessments, Sustainable Universities, Sustainable Entrepreneurship