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Eyüp Kaan Ülgen

Eyüp Kaan Ülgen,  Lecturer


Eyüp Kaan Ülgen has completed his Bachelor studies in the Department of Astronomy and Space Sciences in İstanbul University. Following his graduation, he continued to M.Sc. program with a thesis on isolated field elliptical galaxies. Currently, he is a PhD candidate where he studies the properties of bright galaxies in galaxy clusters and the impact of environment on these properties. He is an active member of the Extragalactic Astronomy Working Group of İstanbul University where he is also involved with a TÜBİTAK-1001 research project on brightest cluster galaxies. Besides, he is also contributing to the follow-up studies of galaxy clusters which will be detected by the Spectrum-Roentgen Gamma X-ray satellite Russian-German joint mission. This follow-up studies are taking place as part of the agreement between TÜBİTAK National Observatory (TUG) and Russian Space Agency (ROSCOSMOS). He also interested in big data and machine learning algorithms. These tools are very crucial when working on large sky surveys such as SDSS, CFHTLS, DES, and in near future LSST and Euclid surveys. In this framework, he takes part in the national initiative of astronomical software development which is abbreviated as TAY (Türk Astronomi Yazılımları in Turkish).

Research Areas: Galaxy Evolution, Data Science, Machine Learning

Main Areas: Fizik,  Astronomi, Astrofizik ve Uzay Bilimleri, 

2014 - Times of Minima of Eclipsing Cataclysmic Variables
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