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Bülent Şenver

Bülent Şenver,  Lecturer

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Bülent Şenver is graduated from the Accounting and Finance Division of the Bosphorus University Administrative Sciences Faculty. He started to work in the audit division of Arthur Andersen & Co. London office and then, took position in the same Company’s Istanbul office. As independent auditor and management consultant, he worked for more than twenty Turkish and foreign banks in Turkey during different periods. In order to develop an off-site banking surveillance and an early warning system to be used by the Central Bank of Turkey he made studies at Central Banks of United Kingdom, France and U.S.A. (FDIC). Following his return to Turkey he worked as the project manager and consultant for the Central Bank of Turkey for the preparation of “ Off-Site Surveillance System”, “ Transparent Banking”, “ Uniform Chart of Accounts”, “Early Warning System” and “ Uniform Reporting Package” projects for the Turkish Banks. Bülent Şenver left Arthur Andersen Istanbul office in May 1985, after eleven years of service, when he was an experienced manager, to join “ Uluslararası Endüstri ve Ticaret Bankası A.S.” (Interbank), one of the most reputable banks in Turkey, as a Deputy General Manager. During 1984, he was accepted as a Part-Time lecturer in the Business Administration Division of the “ Bosphorus University”. From 1984 without any interruption he gave courses as a part-time lecturer on “Auditing”, “Cost Accounting”, “ Asset and Liability Management in Commercial Banks”, and “Bank Management”. Şenver is also giving “Electronic Banking” and “Asset & Liability Management” courses in Yeditepe University for the MBA programme. He is also teaching the “Insurance & Investment” and “Banking and Financial Markets” courses in Bigi University. Bülent Şenver was appointed as the “ President and Chief Executive Officer” (CEO) of Pamukbank T.A.S. in June 1987, Turkey’s third largest private bank in which there is no government participation. From June 1987 to July 1993, he served as President and CEO of Pamukbank. Şenver, served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Turkish American Business Association (TABA-AmCham) and as a Board member of the European Council of American Chambers of Commerce (ECACC) and a member of the Executive Committee of ECACC and the Treasurer of ECACC for 5 years (1994-2000). During his membership in the “ Turkish Industrialist and Businessmen Association (TUSIAD) Şenver served as a member of TUSIAD Banking Committee, Economic and Financial Affairs Committee, Parliament Affairs Committee and Foreign Affairs Committee. Mr. Şenver is Honorary Founding Chairman of the “Ethics Values Center Association”. He is also the Founding Chairman of “Book For Everyone Foundation”. Şenver is the Founding Chairman of “Turklider Center” and he is presently acting as financial advisor and consultant to various companies and financial institutions. Şenver has written four books on finance & management and is teaching in universities as a part time lecturer.

Research Areas: Business Ethics, Banking and Finance