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Pınar Özbilen

Pınar Özbilen,  Lecturer

Faculty Member

Research Areas: Organizational Ambidexterity, Startup Firms, Culture in Healthcare Institutions

Main Areas: Yönetim ve Strateji,  Stratejik Yönetim, 

ÖZBİLEN PINAR. (2019), A Structural Analysis of the Turkish Hospital Industry Using Porter’xxs Diamond Framework: A Case from an Emerging Market, EGE ACADEMIC REVIEW, 19(1), 103-118.
ÖZBİLEN PINAR. (2017), The Impact of Natural Culture on New Technology Adoption by Firms: A Country Level Analysis, International Journal of Innovation, Management and Technology,
ÖZBİLEN PINAR. (2017), Effects of Industry Span and Resource Stability on Interorganizational Relations, Journal of Advanced Management Science,
ÖZBİLEN PINAR (2017), "Ethics and Sustainabilityin Global SupplyManagement", "İngilizce", Sosyal, Beşeri ve İdari Bilimler Temel Alanı->Organizasyon, Bilimsel Kitap