Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences

Radio, Television and Cinema

Why Radio, Television and Cinema at ISU?

In today’s digital era, communication technologies are changing at a dizzying pace. These changes are attracting the attention not only of media professionals but also everyday consumers of these technologies. The digitalization of technology in cinema, advertisements, television news, and other media productions requires the curriculum of the Department of Radio, Television and Cinema to be continuously up to date.

At Istinye University Department of Radio, Television and Cinema, we do not only follow sectoral developments, but also reflect the spirit of the era in our curriculum. It is very important for us to train our students in the most state-of-the-art studios, using the latest visual communication technologies.

To enable students to adapt to professional life without any difficulty, we offer an education that combines theory and practice and allows students to comprehend media systems with a vast perspective. Our students are in constant contact with their advisors and can receive academic and professional support both during and after their education.

In addition, at Istinye University, we offer our students the opportunity to study in additional fields through minor and double major programs offered by the school. Thus, RTC students get the opportunity to have a head start on their careers by graduating from different departments at the same time.