Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences

Radio, Television and Cinema

Why Radio, Television and Cinema at ISU?

Communication technologies are transforming and developing day by day. This change and development make it mandatory to stay up to date, especially for departments such as Radio, Television, and Cinema. Hence, an innovation that started to be discussed 2 years ago replaces the existing technology until the students graduate and affect the working principles of the old technologies. At this point, as Istinye University Radio, Television and Cinema department, we have to follow the innovations brought by technology very closely. This requirement is important for our students to follow the sector after graduation, to find jobs in leading positions and not to be aware of innovations. At this point, we closely follow RTC technologies and give attention to educating students in modern studios using the latest visual communication technologies. With this approach, we offer an education that combines theoretical education with the education of communication technologies so that they will adapt working life without difficulty. Thus, we increase the knowledge level of the students according to our era and aim to ensure that they have decent technical knowledge while starting to work life. At this point, students who have the opportunity to be in constant communication with our advisors can continue to receive the necessary support both during their education and after their graduation.

In addition, as Istinye University, we offer our students the opportunity to study in different branches within the scope of minor and double-major programs. Thus, RTC students can have the opportunity to take a step forward in their business life by graduating from separate departments at the same time.