Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences

Radio, Television and Cinema

About the Department


To produce content in the fields of radio, television and cinema, to design works in the most appropriate format for each media platform, to analyze the target audience, and to develop messages in line with the nature of these media, producers should have professional competence as well as a great responsibility towards society. The curriculum of Istinye University Department of Radio, Television and Cinema was developed based on this approach; the students in our department are trained to be individuals who act according to professional ethics and principles, with in-depth knowledge of visual and textual codes and an ability to reflect their individual aesthetical approach in their work.

One of the strengths of our department is that our program encourages individual work along with collaborative group work. Our students gain experience in various areas, such as teamwork, distribution of roles in a group assignment, time and stress management, and individual responsibility within group dynamics. They experience a sectoral simulation with the contribution of hands-on training beyond the classroom. Furthermore, though an emphasis on such practical training, our program helps them develop a portfolio before moving on to professional life.

The curriculum was developed according to the interdisciplinary nature of the field; it includes theoretical and practical courses aimed at providing both a theoretical foundation and technical competence for RTC students. Besides compulsory courses, our students can select elective courses with the guidance of their advisors, specializing in a certain area they wish to work in.

What are these areas?

Our graduates can take on various roles, both in front of and behind the camera, at news centers and media and film production companies. They can be directors, lighting directors, sound engineers, editors, cinematographers and screenwriters. Alternatively, thanks to the academic background they will gain throughout their studies, our students will have the opportunity to develop an academic career by continuing their education at graduate and doctorate levels.