Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences

New Media

Why New Media at ISU?

The Department of New Media at Istinye offers a dynamic learning experience via its undergraduate program and postgraduate opportunities. Through this experience, students will establish themselves as creative, conscientious and progressive media practitioners.


Our curriculum aims to enable students to develop fundamental skills in media literacy, analysis, design and production. It encompasses a range of areas, including media and cultural studies, visual communication, new media design and production, and digital journalism. The curriculum also offers a variety of elective courses that allow students to pursue their personal interests and sharpen their academic and professional skills.


Selected students of the Department of New Media can have the opportunity to study abroad through the Erasmus exchange program. This is a unique experience that enriches one’s worldview and life experience. It is a great opportunity for students to establish networks with international media professionals and scholars.

Internship in the Sector

Before they graduate, New Media students are encouraged to conduct internships in areas of their preference. Under the guidance of mentors in the new media sector, students will be able to put their knowledge into practice through collaborative and hands-on experience in the work environment.

Career Opportunities

Upon completion of the Bachelor of Arts Degree in New Media, students will be prepared to practice in a variety of fields, including advertising, journalism, web design, graphic design, multimedia production and creative arts.

Higher Education

The Bachelor of Arts Degree in New Media lays the groundwork for those who wish to pursue higher education. Our graduates are encouraged to further their academic training in the field of new media and communication both in Turkey and abroad.