Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences

New Media and Communication

About the Department

chien yang erdem

The Department of New Media and Communication offers an undergraduate program that aims to explore the impact of new media technologies on cultural and social developments. Our medium of education is English. The curriculum is designed to foster an interdisciplinary approach to the contemporary media landscape, where “old” and emergent forms of media continuously converge and evolve. Drawing on intersecting perspectives that fall under the broad category of social sciences, students will learn to critically engage with issues that arise from new media developments and become aware of their roles as both consumers and producers of media.

Our mission is to prepare students to become competent and responsible media professionals on both local and global platforms. Students will have the opportunity to conduct collaborative work with academic staff and become creative thinkers through hands-on projects. They will also get the chance to broaden their personal interests and pursue their professional goals through internship. Upon completion of their degrees, graduates will be qualified to practice in a variety of fields, including advertising, journalism, web design, digital media production and creative arts.